Saturday, May 31, 2008

playlist 27. 5. 2008.

JUNIOR BOYS - Unbirthday
LALI PUNA - geography-5
DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - i will possess your heart
DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - no sunlight
THE FLAMING LIPS - feeling yourself disintegrate
JUNIOR BOYS - last exit (Fennesz Remix)
LALI PUNA - micronomic
GRANDADDY - he's simple, he's dumb, he's the pilot
DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - bixby canyon bridge
LALI PUNA - toca-discos
DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - long division
DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - pity and fear
LALI PUNA - superlotado
LALI PUNA - left handed
JUNIOR BOYS - the equalizer
JUNIOR BOYS - double shadow
THE POSTAL SERVICE - the district sleeps alone tonight
THE POSTAL SERVICE - such great heights
THE POSTAL SERVICE - we will become silhouettes
GRANDADDY - the crystal lake
THE FLAMING LIPS - do you realize? (The Postal Service remix)
THE FLAMING LIPS - race for prize
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - april skies
PORTISHEAD - machine gun
PORTISHEAD - only you
GRANDADDY - broken household applience national forest
DEERHOOF - the perfect me: so cow cover
GANG OF FOUR - anthrax
CONSOLE - surfin atari
THE NOTWIST - good lies

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