Tuesday, November 27, 2007

playlist 27. 11. 2007.

Sneaker thief - ME AND YOU (Floating heavy)
Roscoe - MIDLAKE (The trials of Van Occupanther)
Horse and I - BAT FOR LASHES (Fur and gold)
What's a girl to do - BAT FOR LASHES (Fur and gold)
Ain't no sunshine - WOVEN HAND (Woven hand)
Secret meeting - THE NATIONAL (Alligator)
Rock me now - METRIC (Grow up and blow away)
Razzmatazz - THE PULP (He's and hers)
Only love can break your heart - SAINT ETIENNE (Foxbase Alpha)
Everything will flow - SUEDE (Head Music)
All you need is hate - DELGADOS (Hate)
Take you on a cruise - INTERPOL (Antics)
One of these days - DOVES (Some Cities)
Fripp - CATHERINE WHEEL (Chrome)
Waterfall - THE STONE ROSESB (The Stone Roses)
Goin' against your mind - BUILT TO SPILL (You In Reverse)
No cars go - THE ARCADE FIRE (Neon Bible)
Yeti - CARIBOU (The Milk Of Human Kindness)
Spring and by summer fall - BLONDE REDHEAD (23)
The killing moon - ECHO AND BUNNYMEN (Ocean Rain)
Statue - THE GO BETWEENS (Oceans Apart)
So young - SUEDE (Suede)
Mr. November - THE NATIONAL (Alligator)
Murder me Rachel (live) - THE NATIONAL (Cherry Tree, EP)
Oh, happy day - SPIRITUALIZED (Royal Albert Hall live)

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